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Welcome to „HealthCareEurope” (HCEU)

Fostering transparency and recognition of prior learning within geographical mobility of professionals in the healthcare sector

A European project implemented between September 2015 and August 2018
by a European transdisciplinary partnership under lead of DEKRA Akademie GmbH (DE)

The healthcare sector suffers from regional mismatches of skills all across Europe. Mobility of healthcare professionals ready to work abroad is indispensible to overcome this challenge. But the recognition of healthcare qualifications across borders is key for migration of healthcare professionals on the European labour market. The European project “HealthCareEurope” (HCEU) tackles this challenge.

Between September 2015 and August 2018 the project consortium develops under lead of the project coordinator DEKRA Akademie GmbH (DE) tools and instruments to support recognition praxis of foreign qualifications related to nursing and elderly care across Europe and around the globe. The project provides concrete suggestions and tools to simplify recognition processes of foreign qualifications and prior learning in general in those fields of healthcare. This includes formal qualifications gained abroad but also the results of non- and informal learning such as through practical work experience.

The project results are meant to support migrant workers within nursing and elderly care to move freely on the European labour market under recognition of their qualification. In this way the project facilitates overcoming of the severe mismatches and shortages in the healthcare sector in Europe based on a smooth recognition of prior expertise migrant workers bring with them when moving to another country.

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